Artist Statement:

A theme in all of my work is the idea of continuity - that my life is just a piece of something larger that is uninterrupted throughout time. The rituals and routines of daily life, and the upkeep and maintenance of a household inspire in me this sense of continuity: white laundry against a blue sky, wizened faces that smile unsuspectingly out of old photographs, the tender warm feeling that is reading a bedtime story to a child. Each daily ritual holds a story that has been told over and over through time, and my projects are my attempt to interpret and visually articulate these stories. My art helps me to express my amazement and gratitude for how beautiful an average day can be, to question how and why some things inspire me, and to celebrate through my own place in this continuum.
I work from my home studio in Canaan Connecticut as well as from the Salisbury School for Boys in Salisbury CT where I teach and head the Art Department.



Erika Crofut brings her art into as many elements of her life as she can. Her work is full of story. “I hope to make life, my home, my family and my artwork connect. Imagination and creativity are a constant presence a narrative voice is ever-present. My subjects are usually an observation of connection across time and generations; doing the laundry singing a song or telling a story.